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For most people, divorce is a trying time. The decision to divorce is often difficult, even agonizing. Once made, your life is disrupted for months. You will have to make countless decisions, both large and small, that will impact your finances, your property, your children, and more. The transition from married to single can be painful, confusing, and uncertain. 

At such a time and, with the personal stakes so high, it is vital to work with an attorney who cares about you and your family both now and in the aftermath of the divorce process. At The Law Office of Kyle Krejci, you can turn to a Macon divorce attorney who believes in building lasting relationships with the people he serves. That can only be done by providing high-quality service and genuine care during the difficult times in your life, such as divorce. 

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Divorce Basics in Georgia

The process of divorce dissolves your legal relationship with your spouse. However, that relationship involves many factors and entanglements, from parenting to the marital home, joint bank accounts, investments, and even who will wind up with the family pet. All of these factors from child custody and support to the division of marital property and the issue of spousal maintenance (alimony) fall under the divorce process.

In an uncontested divorce, both spouses can agree on how to resolve the issues that their case presents. This is the route that is typically in your best interests as it keeps emotional stress and the financial burden of the legal process to a minimum. It allows you to resolve the matter as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life. 

Where you and your spouse cannot agree, it becomes contested and requires the court to get involved. Unfortunately, this means that you will be subject to whatever the court decides, which you may or may not agree with or like. At The Law Office of Kyle Krejci, Kyle will always do everything possible to help you resolve your divorce outside of court, such as through negotiation or mediation to save you the time, cost, and stress of a trial. However, if litigation is inevitable, Kyle will ensure that your case is fully prepared and he will advocate in court to protect your rights and pursue your best interests.

No-Fault Divorce

The most common divorce in Georgia is the “no-fault” divorce, based on the assertion that the marriage is irretrievably broken. This means that neither spouse has to prove misconduct on the part of the other party as the reason for the divorce. Fault divorce requires proof in court which will require litigation, extend the case, and thus become more emotionally charged. Georgia provides many fault-based options for divorce that you can discuss with Kyle if that route is appropriate.

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